I'm ijver and this is my website. I'm an avid Linux user, sometimes an amateur photographer, sport enjoyer and a medical rescue student. So yeah, there'll be lots of unrelated things here, possibly in more than one language. I'll try to sanely categorize it, though. Enjoy!

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Film Photography Makes Memories Meaningful

Film photography is seeing a resurgence in popularity. The prices of cameras and film are going up, so is the number of people interested in the hobby. With the barrier to entry for digital photography being at an all time low, or rather there being no barriers at all as most people have smartphones with very good cameras, why are they returning to this seemingly ancient method of capturing memories?

XMPP Explained - The Best Instant Messaging Protocol

If you’ve ever tried to find a private and secure option for instant messaging, you likely noticed that IM comes in three main flavors: centralized, federated, and peer-to-peer (P2P). The centralized model (Signal), while convenient for users, ought to be avoided whenever possible as you have no control over what software runs on the servers and are making yourself dependent on one entity.

bm - A Simple Bookmarking Script

I’m sick and tired of bookmarks in browsers. Synchronizing them is a pain, especially if you use several different browsers, or even if you use the same browser on a few devices but are privacy-conscious and don’t want to use something like Firefox Sync or, God forbid, a Goolag account.

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